Dr. Thomas Weisener, CEO HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH

Interview with HNP Mikrosysteme

You would have exhibited at Fakuma for the first time this year. Which opportunities does Fakuma offer you for your products and your company?

We have a new system for dosing liquid colours in the plastic injection moulding process. Our pump technology, which has proven itself in other industry sectors, has been integrated into a system to this end, and has been adapted to the special requirements of liquid colour dosing. Now that we’ve completed successful testing of the system in actual practice, we want to unveil it and get to know its potential users at Fakuma.

What’s your initial experience with Fakuma-Virtual?

We’ve posted photos of our dosing system and pertinent information. We haven’t had any responses yet, but we’re eager to see what happens and we’re looking forward to RFQs. 

Which opportunities does the virtual format offer you?

Of course we’d prefer an on-site, live event. But under the prevailing circumstances, we’re pleased to have the opportunity of presenting a virtual exhibit. Significant advantages of Fakuma-Virtual include its focus on the industry sector and high levels of internationalism. We’re confident that we’ll establish personal contacts – even via virtual channels.

Attention is focused on colorDoS as a highlight in your showroom. Tell us something about it.

colorDoS is a dosing system for liquid colours. It’s integrated directly into the injection moulding machine. We use dripless quick-release couplings to this end. This ensures trouble-free, quick and clean colour changes. We’ve integrated a load cell into the container holder in order to monitor the fill-level. The controller with display synchronises precise, accurately repeatable dosing with the injection moulding machine. Available functions include a cleaning mode, colour code management, remaining time display and an alarm manager. The dosing system is thus ideally suited for anyone who’s thinking about changing over to liquid colour.

 To the virtual Showroom of HNP Mikrosysteme

Can we expect further new products and highlights in your showroom?

This year we’re concentrating on colorDoS, as well as comprehensive consultation including dosing tests and initial startup.

Have you planned any webcasts which Fakuma-Virtual’s visitors can look forward to?

No, we’re focusing entirely on individualised consultation.

What are you especially looking forward to at Fakuma 2021?

On the one hand, were looking forward numerous interesting meetings and lots of questions about our system. On the other hand, we want to have a look for ourselves at the industry’s various highlights.