Project management Mr. Bachert and Mr. Döring

A Somewhat Different Trade Fair Year in 2020

Motek would have opened today at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre with a comprehensive portfolio of smart solutions for production and assembly. Project managers Rainer Bachert and Mike Döring would have provided exhibitors and expert visitors from a wide variety of manufacturing industries with the usual world-class service offered by Schall trade fair promoters, and cultivated and expanded their customer relationships in an international atmosphere.

Unfortunately this is not possible as a result of the trade fair cancellation due to corona. However, Schall responded quickly and set up Motek-Virtual 2020 in order to be able to offer the exhibiting companies a valuable and highly functional, digital alternative.

During these challenging times, the project managers of Motek provide the marketing team at Schall with insights into the somewhat different trade fair year in a short interview.

Being unable to organise the trade fair, what do you especially miss from your routine everyday project work?

Rainer Bachert: “After preparing a trade fair for months, the event itself is of course the highlight of the project manager’s daily work – from delivery of the participating companies’ exhibits and completion of booth construction, right on up to four days of bustling activity in the exhibition halls. I miss that very much this year, and of course the personal contact with long-standing and new exhibitors as well.”

Mike Döring: “Personal contact with the exhibitors and visitors, intense conversations over a cup of coffee in order to further develop the trade fair and to find out directly from the exhibitors how new trade fair concepts are received by the market.”

Which opportunities are offered by Motek-Virtual?

Rainer Bachert: “Despite postponement of Motek 2020, the new digital marketplace provides exhibitors and other interested parties with concrete, comprehensive opportunities for making use of the unique diversity of solutions presented by Motek in a networked, well-structured manner. Motek-Virtual will also be available in the future as a supplement to the live trade fair – 24 hours a day , seven days a week.”

Mike Döring: “Motek-Virtual is a meaningful supplement to the on-site trade fair, but it won’t be able to replace it by a long shot. Hybrid offerings of this sort will be standard in the future.”

What would you be doing at Motek right now?

Mike Döring: “After months of planning, it’s always a terrific experience when large numbers of visitors flock to the booths at the trade fair. Beyond this, it’s always exciting to walk through the exhibition halls where theory becomes reality, and you see if all of your various ideas actually work in reality.”

Rainer Bachert: “I fully agree with Mike in this regard.”

What are you especially looking forward to at the 39th Motek next year?

Mike Döring: “To my exhibitors and visitors – I very much miss this part of the daily trade fair routine with all of its surprises and problems. The way a trade fair smells etc.”

Rainer Bachert: “To a successful event for the exhibitors and the visitors. Not least of all, increasing virtuality awakens the longing for real conversations, interpersonal encounters, impressions and experiences.”


The 39th Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly will be held together with its sister event, namely the Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology, at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 5th through the 8th of October.

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